Non-Contact Optical Connector technology

Our non-contact connectors and cable-assembling products are designed to be optimized for industrial and military fields such as, securities, marine, medical, broadcasting mining and etc.

These application solutions will endure any type of special environments.

We develop & manufacture non-contact optical connectors by using the expansion and parallelism of a GRIN fiber, which allows the beam to pass through to the other fiber.

Thor’s Splice-On Connector(SOC) technology

Our SOC is designed to make a high-quality field work more easier. Not only provide cost-effectiveness, our SOC also offer optimized technological solutions for high-speed data transmission of FTTx environment.

By splicing each ends of two fibers and connecting them together, we made it more precise and flexible result than the existing way of mechanical splicing. Perfect tensile and low loss is an alternative solution for existing field-assembling connectors. Moreover, we provide our high precision devices at a low price to increase the cost-effectiveness of it.

Comparison to the existing mechanical splicing and complete-type jumper:

  1. While mechanical splicing requires an epoxy and a matching gel, SOC uses taper-splicing way to decrease work time and secure semi-permanence.
  2. Mechanical splicing method has to depend on the user’s skill level of work and is not able to get an accurate measurement value of the result. On the other hand, SOC method allows the user to have an accurate measurement value after work, and does not require any professional skill level.